Looking For The Best CRM System For Florists?

A CRM (customer relationship management) system helps you to build better customer relationships and streamline a wide range of processes.

It’s a great way to increase sales, improve your levels of customer service and increase profitability.

Our EPOS system has a CRM component, making it ideal for florists looking to improve their customer relationships. Simple to use, cost-effective and making deliveries an enjoyable process, Floral Frog is designed to make working as a modern florist easier.

Floral Frog has many amazing features to make running a florist as efficient as possible. That includes those which improve your customer experience.

It’s perfect if you want to improve your online digital presence, with business and website orders managed in one place.

Our management software and EPOS are designed particularly for running a florist business. Choose our software and everything from order processing, e-commerce web orders and customer database management to accounting and invoicing will be much easier.

Features include Automatic Delivery Routing which means routes are automatically and optimally calculated, saving you time and money on fuel costs. On our website you can view screenshots for examples of how our system works. Our team is also always happy to talk you through this management system and what it can offer your business.

If you’re looking for the best CRM system for florists, find out more about Floral Frog or contact our team for more details.

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