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Pending Payments

Within the Accounts section you can track outstanding payments for both Customers and Suppliers. From here you can generate invoices to your customers either manually or automatically. When a payment is received, you can mark this off with the “Payment Received” button and the sales ledger is automatically updated with the received payment.

Invoice Template & Settings

You can configure and customise a basic invoice template for your business and choose how oftern you generate invoices to your customers, i.e. Daily, Weekly, Monthly or you can do it manually.

Floral Frog Software
Floral Frog Software

Invoice Template

Generate professional looking invoices to your customers and stand out from the crowd.

Keep track of your Invoices

You can easily keep track of invoices that have been sent to your customers including those that are due and overdue.  A summary of outstanding amounts owed can be seen on the dashboard.

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