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About bdedhapi

bdedhapi are proud to present their brand new one-stop website…

We are revolutionising the way people celebrate life events using one site only with our top tips and carefully chosen suppliers and services on offer, we assist in delivering a truly memorable event that will stay in the memory of family, friends and loved ones for eternity.

So whether saying your final goodbye or simply celebrating life; have little budget or money is no object; our carefully composed website will help create an occasion that will without doubt make you bdedhapi!

We also offer an opportunity for you to make others bdedhapi too. You can use our site to raise funds for charity as part of your celebration, for example, as an alternative to buying flowers or presents for a wedding or birthday PLUS 10% of all bdedhapi’s net profits go to charity. See more about charity here.

Visit bdedhapi for unique, memorable events that will have a lasting impression on your guests.

Elisha Currier-bio

Elisha Currier

Kent based entrepreneur, party planner and businesswoman, Elisha Currier, co-founded bdedhapi as a direct challenge to death.

“For so long we have aligned the end of life with despair, loss and loneliness. Life can be gloriously fun and should be celebrated from birth to death.”

Inspired by her own experiences of loss, and a compassion for others, Elisha began an uplifting journey towards death that focused on enabling everybody, whatever their means, to create a true celebration of life.

Having witnessed countless dead-pan funerals that lacked charisma and personal significance, Elisha was determined to focus on the uniqueness of life with tributes that could be both meaningful and memorable.

With quirky coffin design and partying at death’s door, Elisha has embraced it all through world travel, life experience and the connections of family and friends. “Why fear the inevitable? Tears won’t change a thing – laughter and celebration leave the best marks.”

Angela Darling-bio

Angela Darling

people to have choices over the final farewell for their loved one. This can be an anxious moment and inevitably up until now usually an expensive one. I wanted to be able to provide options to buy coffins direct, help create a do it yourself funeral and generally help to reduce the financial burden for those left behind leaving more of a legacy for the living.

Whilst death has been somewhat of a taboo subject this is changing and providing information so that family and friends can make informed choices means that they are able to celebrate life in a way that is personal to them. This can now be done without having to spend a fortune.

When developing a life celebration planning hub to help others create a personalised celebration at the end of someone’s life it became obvious very quickly that it could be used to any celebrate any event from the cradle to the grave or indeed any day of the year.

Every day is reason to celebrate – let the party begin!

bdedhapi responds to death with life, and to the sadness of loss with upliftment and joy.